My mission is to hold loving space for students and clients to connect to the subtleness of their nature. Yoga teaches us that we are so much more than the boundaries and restrictions that we put upon ourselves. Through this ancient practice we access the beautiful spectrum of possibilities inside of us. I teach a mindful, gentle Yoga practice that encourages self-love and the wisdom of the body to emerge.

I offer private reiki sessions to connect clients to universal life force healing energy that I believe is our divine right to access. My reiki energy healing sessions bring clients to a deep relaxed state where their own vibration is raised and energetic blocks are cleared. The clients gain access to their innate wisdom that activates self healing and a deeper self knowing. Each session is unique as everyone’s needs are different. The beautiful thing about reiki energy is that it offers your physical and energetic body exactly what it needs in that moment in time.

Private Sessions

60 Minute Yoga - $120

60 Minute Reiki - $120

90 Minute Yoga with Reiki -$160

(45 minutes of Yoga followed by a 45 minute Reiki)